Friday, August 21, 2009


Within the school sector is is good to form a good relationship with the technical support officer for any problems, safety issues and access to certain sites that you may need.
Inappropriate sites and cyber bullying are a major concern these days and we need to consider our learners and own children's safety and well being. I personally know how easy it is to open up the wrong website as I typed in you tube wrong and porn sites came up. The Australian Government is responding to this problem and collaborating with members such as the IIA to control the problem. The IIA provides policy input to the Government on a range regulatory issues to promote laws and initiatives which in turn, enhances access, equity and reliability and enable growth within Australia. This organisation also responds to any concerns someone might have with regards to Internet safety. The Australian Government has set up a website called Cybersafety. This program provides activities, resources and practical advice to help all enjoy the Internet. They also offer free Internet content filters and offer free training. Any concerns can be forwarded to this website.

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