Thursday, August 13, 2009

Technical guru

I can't wait to show my daughter how to use Voki. She is going to be so excited. This is the best thing I have learnt to date within the technology sector. Words can't explain how excited I am at the moment. Acquiring this type of knowledge will enable me to use it within the classroom. I can't wait to implement Voki into lessons, I believe that children give a little more attention to animated characters so this will come in very handy at times.

Get a Voki now!


  1. Hi Tanya, I definitely think you are on your way to becoming a technical guru. Just a tip with the Voki; when you are putting in the text-to-speech, make sure you spell words fo-net-ick-ly (phonetically).

  2. Interesting tip about spelling things phonetically. I had no idea, I was wondering why my voki sounded so strange!